Instacare cares the most for the people who need the most care. Decades of experience in the healthcare industry has given us a front row seat to the issues medical workers deal with. Nurses are overworked, facilities are short staffed, and patients can be left with substandard care. As the pandemic overwhelmed the system, these problems grew even worse. We knew there was a better way. So, we created one!

Instacare keeps facilities fully staffed with competent medical professionals, while giving nurses the support they need and deserve. By combining technology and training, we are able to determine where the gaps are and fill them instantly. Instacare nurses are well trained, competitively paid, and eager to provide patients and residents the best care possible.

In today’s fast paced world, instant solutions should come from people who care.

we care

Creating quality of life for all people

Encouraging authentic human connection

Fostering a sense of community

Empowering nurses to have agency of their careers

Leveraging technology to improve systems

our team

Mordy Siegal


Mordy is a serial entrepreneur with an uncanny ability to see opportunity wherever he goes. His penchant for community activism and leadership provides a looking glass into the needs of the people around him. Today, as the founder and executive of Instacare, he has made his desire to help people much more literal. He is a loving father, dedicated husband, and has been known to hit a curveball or two out of the ballpark.